These are not your Grandmother's Fake Flowers

Fresh flowers can be a huge expense! They also require fresh water, nutrients, refrigeration and the utmost care until their use, and even then, they are extremely fragile! 

Introducing Faux Floral Design, by Blissful Celebrations!

Our floral designs are much more affordable than fresh flowers, allowing us to provide flowers for your wedding or special event at a fraction of the price!

Lighter, Softer, and Stress Relieving

You'll be surprised at how light they are! Our bouquets are less than half the weight of a traditional bouquet, reducing the strain on both you and your bridesmaids! We also use soft foam core grips, so the stem of the bouquets can serve as stress relievers while you're walking down the aisle or while your bridesmaids are standing at the altar! 

Impossible to Detect

Our floral arrangements look so real, that most of your guests won't even realize that they're faux! From a distance of greater than 10 feet, it is nearly impossible to differentiate between our faux floral and fresh  flowers. 

A Service that Fresh Florists Can Never Provide

What to do at the end of the night? Dozens of floral arrangements with nowhere to bring them...Hospitals are hesitant to accept them, and senior centers are closed for the night. With our faux flowers, you can rest easy knowing that we will buy back any unwanted flowers up to a week after your event!  Not only are the floral arrangements staying out of the landfill, but they may be recycled into future creations! 

What Can We Do?


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